Athletes vs. Asthma

Who We Help

Who We Help

Athletes vs Asthma is for families with children living with asthma. We’re here to support the efforts of parents to help their kids enjoy a higher quality of life. Asthma is an unforgiving, chronic disease of the lungs. Managing it often takes away from the joy of just being a kid. Through our interactive programs, we aim to rewrite this story for kids with asthma.
Together, we can show your child that there’s more to life than just worrying about their next asthma attack. Just like Tyree, they too can do more than what most think is possible.

How We Help

Every donation supports programs that provide education, resources for treatment, academic scholarships to kids with asthma and interactive events.


We simplify finding education and resources families can use to help their children better manage their asthma.


We provide support and resources for treatment to families, especially to those from underserved communities


We host interactive events that make it fun and inspiring to learn about what’s possible with asthma.
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