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About Athletes vs Asthma

Founded by 400 meter Track and Field World Champion and NFL player, Tyree Washington, Athletes vs Asthma is a not-for-profit organization offering resources, support and advocacy for families affected by asthma. Our primary focus is providing education and activities for children and teens diagnosed with asthma.
Through partnerships with athletes, celebrities and influencers, Athletes vs Asthma will host interactive events to raise money to fund research, early intervention programs and resources for treatment.
“My doctors always joked and said they couldn’t understand how I had such bad asthma and yet I could run one of the hardest events on the planet.”
Tyree Washington, Founder of Athletes vs Asthma

About Tyree Washington, Founder

I’m a former professional athlete in both Track and Field and Football. I overcame the odds by competing professionally in two sports while battling severe asthma. My asthma has been a constant battle through the years because my breathing capacity is at 75 percent. So I understand firsthand how difficult life is with asthma.
I founded Athletes vs Asthma to offer interactive events that reinforce what’s possible with asthma. Through this organization, I’ll be able to help kids better manage their asthma and keep working towards their dreams.
Click here to read about Tyree’s battle with asthma in his own words while competing against the best 400 meter runners in the world.
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